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What is pre-ordering?

Pre-ordering is part of our ambition to minimize our carbon footprint. By pre-ordering, it is you who validates the product. However, this system implies a bit of waiting on the customer side, as you may wait several weeks or months before receiving

How are determined the price of your shoes?

At Nomasei, we want to be totally transparent about the prices of our shoes. That's why you can find on the product sheets of each model the price of the elements that make up our shoes. All our products are made in Italy in a factory that pays its w

Why are there stock shourtages ?

Nomasei is still a small company and our production is always thought in reasonable quantity. However, sometimes we are caught short by successes we did not anticipate. As we grow as a company, we produce more stock on our bestsellers and offer const

What are our eco-responsible commitments?

At Nomasei, we are committed to offering shoes that respect the planet and generate a positive impact. You can view our detailed commitments directly on the dedicated page of our website.

Why the name Nomasei?

Nomasei are hands: "Noma" - from the Italian "Mano", the hand, with a slang twist to confuse the issue - "Sei" - six in Italian, because each creation is the result of the collaboration between several hands and several skills, gathered around an ide

Do you have a store ?

We are happy to welcome you in our new Parisian showroom (Paris 2nd-Métro Grands Boulevards) so that you can try quietly. We will reconfirm the rdv by email the day before to give you all the indications. You can now also come without an appointment.