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What is pre-ordering?Updated 2 years ago

Pre-ordering is part of our ambition to minimize our carbon footprint. By pre-ordering, it is you who validates the product.

However, this system implies a bit of waiting on the customer side, as you may wait several weeks or months before receiving your shoes. At Nomasei, we differentiate between pre-ordering and restocking:

  • Pre-order: pre-order is only open to customers for a limited period of time. The stock is not yet produced, as production will depend on the number of customers who pre-order. The pre-order is particularly useful for us to test new models. If the test is positive, we will integrate the new model in the timeless catalog.
  • Reordering: during a reordering, the production is already in progress. The pre-order is then opened so that the customers can reserve their pair.

We advise our customers who wish to purchase a product out of stock to register on the waiting lists of timeless models, as it will allows us to evaluate the possibility of restocking by indicating whether the product is in demand.

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